Policies and Guidelines


General Guidelines

For the well being of your pet and the pet stylist, I ask that dogs be either carried or leashed upon entering the grooming facility.

I am proud to offer a flea free environment to keep all of the pets healthy and owners happy. In order to do this, if any pet arrives with a flea problem I will administer Capstar oral flea medication upon arrival. There will be an $8.00 charge added to the final grooming bill.


Guidelines for Puppies

Little Bones and Bows wants your puppy’s grooming experience to be as positive as possible. My goal is to ensure that I make every effort to achieve this end. With puppies, I will start with the most basic of hair cuts. Tearless shampoo is used to ensure your puppy’s safety and comfort. Puppies who have been taught to sit still while being brushed are more prone to enjoy the grooming experience.


Aggressive Breeds/Dogs

Aggressive dogs can present a unique challenge for the groomer, so it is requested that owners of these kinds of pets please call us at 678-492-1011 for more information on how LB&B can accommodate the needs of these breeds/pets.


Mature Pets

Mature pets require special care and patience and as such, I cannot be responsible for any adverse reaction due to higher than normal levels of stress that the mature pet may experience. While brushing or clipping your pet openly causes such levels of stress, I will modify or terminate the haircut in order to avoid causing harm to the animal. Due to he potential for such stress in mature pets, LB&B is more than happy to schedule special appointments to fit these needs. If your pet has special health conditions that would make your pet uncomfortable while clipping, bathing or drying, please notify the stylist.


Late Policy

If circumstances cause me to be late, or fall behind schedule I will initiate contact with you in order to try to arrange for an adjustment in scheduling for your pets grooming appointment. The current policy states that pets are to be picked up as scheduled, if for some reason you are unable to pick up your pet at the agreed upon time, please call so that we can adjust our schedule. Pets who are not picked up after several attempts at contact will be kept overnight, and the owner will be charged a $15.00 fee.


For more information or to schedule an appointment call Little Bones and Bows today to schedule an appointment today! 678-492-1011 or email us today!

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